Shipping & Transport

Nelis is a well-known name in shipping, being active in logistics and shipping for over 35 years. We are an ambitious company, operating from our office in the centre of the port of Vlissingen.

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Industry & Environment

In cooperation with our partners we offer a wide range of services. We also offer a unique technical training program, tailor made for your company and people.

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One of our partners and daughter company is World Projects Solutions BV. Our recruitment specialists manage this company from our main office in Vlissingen.
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Our Story

eing active in shipping, logistics and international projects for over 35 years we have been dealing with all kind of problems in several countries.

With an inventive, flexible and experienced staff we have always been able to perform the job for our clients, either on location or from our homebase in the port of Vlissingen in the Netherlands. We are strong in Shipping, Transport, Trading, Environment and Project management.

Keeping an open mind for new developments and idea’s we use the latest technology and developments in our business.

We recently have been able to secure a new developed environmental absorption material, made in cooperation with the university of Wageningen providing a significant breakthrough in the reduction of water, soil and air pollution.

Our recruitment office is in full partnership with New Career and Holland.

Our shipping agency group is represented in:

  • Dutch Ports: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlissingen, Terneuzen.
  • Belgium, Antwerp, Ghent
  • All Baltic ports, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • Russia, all Russian ports
  • West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana

our Agency works in partnership with Nautilus Port Services Rotterdam

With all our activities under one roof we are able to offer our clients a full service in a multi-disciplined environment.

Your problem, our job.

Alex Nelis

Nelis BV@your service


Alex Nelis
Director Nelis BV

With over 35 years in shipping we represent a large network and a considerable number of clients. We know how important a total service is in shipping and industrial business, therefor we offer our clients a Complete formula in Shipping, Trading, Transport, Environment, Recruitment.

We are specialists in project management with proven experience in West and East Europe, West Africa And the Middle East.

Nelis BV @ your service.
European representatives for Petrolex, Oil and Gas.